Davison Township sends out two different types of tax bills:

  • The "Real Property" bill is for your home and land.
  • The "Personal Property" bill goes to business owners and covers the furniture and fixtures used to operate the business.


Tax bills are mailed out by July 1st and December 1st of each year.  If you do not receive your tax bill by July 20th or December 20th, please call the Treasurer's office at 810-653-4156.



Summer taxes are due and payable from July 1st through September 14th without interest.  Beginning September 15th thru September 30th 1% interest is added and 1% per month thereafter or any fraction of a month.  Summer taxes are payable at the township hall through the last day of February unless it falls on a weekend (check with the Treasurer's Department for details).  If you meet the criteria for summer deferment, please completely fill out the form (click on the Summer Deferment link at the left) and return it to the Treasurer's Department, 1280 N. Irish Road, Davison, MI 48423 or fax it to 810-653-2770.



Winter tax bills are due and payable to Davison Township on or before the last day of February each year by 4 p.m. Contact the Treasurer's Department if you have any questions regarding the due date.


The Davison Township Treasurer's office accepts only current year tax bills.  Therefore, on March 1st (unless otherwise stated), all unpaid taxes become delinquent.  At that time the books are closed and sent to Genesee County Treasurer's office.


All delinquent "Real Property" taxes are payable only at the Genesee County Treasurer's office:

Inquiries regarding amounts past due, interest, and penalty can be directed to the County office at 810-257-3054 or visit their website HERE.


All delinquent "Personal Property" taxes are payable only at Davison Township:

Delinquent Personal Property taxes, with interest and penalty added, will be accepted for payment at the Davison Township Treasurer's Office.


Tax bills are mailed to the owner of record at the time of printing.  If you have an escrow account with a financial institution, they too will be notified of the amount of taxes due. It is the homeowner's responsibility to make sure the taxes are paid.


Important change for tax payments:

If the Treasurer’s Department has not received your payment by the close of business on the due date printed on the bill, it will be considered delinquent. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check or credit card, there is an access fee for credit card payments. Online credit card payments are accepted through February 10th.  Credit cards are not accepted over the phone.


For your convenience there is a drop box located at the east end of the building (at the drive up window).


(810) 653-4156
1280 N. Irish Rd., Davison, MI 48423