Economic Development

A knowledgeable and accessible team of professionals guiding the growth and enhancement of Davison Township


The Economic Development committee for Davison Township is a concerted effort on the part of the township board to influence the direction of private sector investments toward opportunities that can lead to sustained economic growth within the township. Sustained economic growth provides sufficient incomes for the local labor force, profitable business opportunities for employers and tax revenues for maintaining an infrastructure to support this continued growth.


Our goal is to create a better community where we live, work and play. If you are interested in establishing a business in Davison Township, contact the Building Administrators listed below.



  • Doing Business


    The Economic Development team at Davison Township is here to help your business succeed. Whether you are looking to start a new business, expand your operations, or relocate to Davison Township, we have tools to assist you.




    Sole Proprietorship

    Unincorporated self-employment without legal protection. Sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business. Read more: self-employment information at the IRS or LARA


    Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Unincorporated self-employment with legal protection. Limited Liability Company is defined by state law but not federal law. There are some tax considerations for this type of company. Read more: LLC information at the IRS  or LARA


    S-Corporations and C-Corporations

    These types of corporations are more elaborate than those listed above. It is advised that you consult your attorney for more information. Read more: LARA


    General, Limited, and Limited Liability Partnerships

    These types of corporations tend to be used only in certain situations. It is advised that you consult your attorney for more information. Read more: LARA


    Learn more:

    Brownfields Redevelopment

    Davison Township Permits and Regulations




    Starting a business can be an overwhelming process. Davison Township’s Economic Development department is here to help. We can be reached at 810-653-4156.




    MEDC – Michigan Economic Development Corporation Resources

    Business startup and operating guidance


    Community Development and Assistance



    Developing a business plan is a good step to determine how and if you are ready to start a business. Read more in the Michigan Business One Stop guide.



     Learn more about taxes and insurance considerations for your new business.



    There are regulations and permit requirements to consider when you start your business.



    Doing business in Davison Township requires a business license. Apply for your license online.


  • New Business Checklist

    Starting a business?

    Business Checklist to occupy an existing building.


    1. Call or Email the Building/Planning Dept. to see if your proposed business is an allowed use in the specific area you are interested in.
    2. Complete the new business application. The fee is $25. (See attached form)
    3. Safety inspection fee is $50.
    4. A conceptual layout of your proposed space. For example, show location of the restrooms, offices, receptionist area, shampoo bowls, laundry area, etc. Sealed architectural drawings may be necessary.
    5. Apply for an IPP permit through Genesee County Water & Waste to determine exactly what your business will discharge into the sewer.
    6. Genesee County Water & Waste will audit your proposed location according to your proposed use to determine REU’s for water and sewer usage.
    7. Signage needs approval from Davison Twp Building/Planning Dept.
  • Initiatives


    Davison Township has an Industrial Business corridor and a Downtown Development Authority corridor within our 34 square miles. Although we are a primarily residential area, there are plenty of businesses to service the public. The Township Board of Trustees have passed an Industrial Business Resolution for our most recent development and there are state incentives to help you get your business up and running.

  • Maps

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