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Davison Township residents are supplied water and sewer services by Genesee County Water and Waste Division and are billed on a monthly or quarterly billing cycle.  Payments are made in the Treasurer's Department but if you have questions about your bill, contact Lisa in the Water and Sewer Department.  Currently cash, checks or money orders are acceptable forms of payment.

Residents can:

  • Make name, address and account information changes (an owner's name cannot be removed from an account until the new owner's name is provided).
  • Request and receive final payment information. Accounts with both water and sewer charges must have a final bill requested from Genesee County by the township.  Final billing information for sewer only accounts can be provided by our Water and Sewer Department.
  • Pay ahead when going out of town.
  • Use the drop box located on the east side of the building for making payments any time day or night!
  • There is no need to wait until your bill comes in the mail to make a payment.
  • Have water shut off while out of town.


A bit of information about your bill:

The Genesee County Division of Water and Waste has implemented a readiness-to-serve charge for all water customers.  This charge is based on the customer's meter size.  In addition, there is a flat rate charge of $3.45 per 100 cubic foot of water used, as explained in Ordinance #39-BB .

There are two different types of sewer charges for residents.  One, the flat rate sewer, is a quarterly charge of $89.19 (monthly rate is $29.73).  The second type of sewer charge is based on your water usage.  There is a readiness-to-serve charge of $9.00 as well as  a charge of $1.66 per 100 cubic foot of water used.  Each is explained in Ordinance #38-23.

The County reads meters and issues the bill statement.  Payments are due on the 15th of the month.  If the 15th falls on a holiday or a day when our office is closed, payments are due on the next business day.

Ordinance #39-W lists connection fees for water meters.  Payment is due at the time of application.  Contact our Water and Sewer Department for more information.

Lawn Meter Customers:

It may not be in your best interest to have a second meter for lawn watering.  If you would like a comparison between one and two meters you may call or email Lisa.  If you choose to combine your meters, notify Davison Township and we will send a request form to Genesee County Water and Waste.  You, as the homeowner, are required to schedule an appointment with Genesee County to have the meter removed.  At that time they will conduct an inspection to make sure the connection has been done properly.  Call Roxanne at 810-732-7870, extension 4124, to set up your appointment.

Please remember, if you do not plan to use your lawn meter, Davison Township must be notified in writing on or before May 1st to avoid charges to the account.