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sponsored by Davison Commuity Schools and Davison Richfield Area Fire Department

Contact your high school counselor for more information!

Program Description

This program is taught in a 2-hour block (or an average of 10 hours per week at the Davison Richfield Area Fire Department. 
Cadets will learn about firefighting, train with experienced firefighters, complete the FireFighter 1A course and assist at
appropriate fire scenes.

Cadets must be a Davison High School junior or senior, have a 2.5 GPA, and have outstanding attendance and school
conduct codes.  Enrollment is limited to 2 cadets per school year.  Instruction is provided by authorized/experienced
fire fighters coordinated by certified Davison High School staff.

Entrance Requirements

  • Application must be completed and submitted by June 1st
  • Student must pass a physical examination prior to start of the school year
  • Be a current and active member of the Firefighter Explorer Post
  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA at the time of applying and maintain a 2.5 GPA while in the program
  • Student applicants will be interviewed by the Davison Richfield Area Fire Department
  • Final decision for admission to the program will be made by the Davison Richfield Area Fire Department

Student Responsibilities

  • Take part in supervised training (Wednesday evenings)
  • Attend Firefighter 1A training sessions and pass written and practical skills examinations
  • Complete biweekly time and activity sheets that must be submitted to school
  • Provide own transportation
  • Maintain outstanding attendance and professional conduct in the program and at school
  • Respond to emergencies on fire department vehicles (after proper training)
  • Fight grass fires (after proper training)
  • Perform search-and-rescue operation, not including structural fires
  • Enter a fire structure after the fire is out and incident commander has declared the structure safe
  • Perform traffic control duties (after proper training)
  • Pick up hoses and clean up fire scenes after the incident commander has declared the area safe
  • Use pneumatic or power-driven saws, shears, Jaws-of-Life devices, and other power tools only during training sessions
  • Operate certain pumps at fire scenes
  • Handle charged hose lines up to 1 3/4 inch in diameter
  • Compy with uniform requirements


  • Program is for a full school year, instruction will average 10 hours per week, for 2 high school credits
  • Funds for the Firefighter 1A training will be paid by the Davison Richfield Area Fire Department
  • Cadets will have the opportunity to earn Community Service Learning hours during the program
  • Cadets will earn Firefighter Level 1 Certification