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  • A special message regarding Unemployment Insurance

    A special message regarding Unemployment Insurance from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.


    The following is a special message from the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity with information on how to best access the UIA as well as other worker and employer resources during the COVID19 emergency response. Thank you for referring constituents to the below resources.



    This unprecedented increase in applications, along with federal and state changes in eligibility and benefits, has generated thousands of constituent inquiries. We appreciate your partnership, patience and support as UIA staff continues to work diligently to resolve outstanding constituent inquiries.  Below is information that can be shared to help resolve constituent issues.


    We encourage each of you to visit and share the resources available on In particular, please see the Employer and Worker resources located under the Resources section that includes UIA resources and more.



    UIA Constituent Inquiries



    Michigan Web Access Manager (MiWAM)


    The MIWAM toolkit for claimants is a resource for constituents for many issues related to MILogin concerns. The toolkit contains sections on Frequently Asked Questions, how to file a claim, changing and resetting passwords, and other items related to MiWAM management.




    MILogin is the single sign-on application constituents use to access certain state services including DHHS benefits, Michigan Secretary of State, and their MiWAM (Michigan Web Account Manager) account. Constituents can access MILogin from the Unemployment website at


    Below are answers to two frequently asked questions related to MILogin issues:


    • What if I forgot my password? Click on the “Forgot your password?” link from the MILogin for Citizens ( page to initiate the password reset. You will be asked to enter your current User ID, select a security option to verify your identity, and enter a new password to reset the forgotten password.
    • What if my account has been locked? If your account has been locked, it will automatically be unlocked after 30 minutes.



    Shareable infographics

    We have developed several shareable infographics and one-pagers available on under Resources, For Employers and Workers.

    Additional resources are being added, so check back often.




    UIA Capacity

    We have dedicated additional staff and shifted resources within state government to handle the volume of constituent inquiries. Some of those efforts include:


    • Expanding hours for phone assistance to Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 7am to 2pm. This includes an hour before the phone lines open to answer web emails and up to an hour and a half after the phone lines are closed to close out the phone queue.  For the foreseeable future, UIA staff are working mandatory overtime Monday through Saturday and voluntary overtime on Sunday to answer web emails.
    • Training 35 Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) employees to address MILogin and MiWAM logon and authentication issues. Constituents who encounter these issues as they attempt to login will receive a message on how to contact DTMB for assistance. These employees will also answer emails sent in to
    • The first 50 of an eventual 200 temporary contract workers are being trained and onboarded to supplement existing UIA call center staff  These workers are part of an existing state contract that is being redeployed.  All 200 temporary staff will be on the phone by the end of the week.
    • Hiring an additional 100 UIA temporary state employees to expand casework capacity.  These positions have already been posted and UIA is working through interviewing and onboarding these employees.


    Resources for Employers


    Work Share

    Employers are encouraged to implement the State’s Work Share program that permits employers who may be facing maintain business operations during declines in regular activity instead of laying off workers. The program allows employers to keep their employees working with reduced hours, while employees collect partial unemployment benefits to make up a portion of the lost wages. More information about Work Share is available online at

    Visit the Unemployment Insurance Agency website for:

    Unemployment Resources for Employers

    Employer Frequently Asked Questions


    Unpaid Leave vs. Termination

    Due to the uncertainty regarding potential congressional action regarding whether furloughed workers will be able to access federal resources, employers are urged to place employees on temporary leave as opposed to termination. View the State’s guidance for employers contemplating potential layoffs.


    Capital Resources for Employers

    Business Call Centers

    The MEDC’s call center stands ready to support businesses with questions about assistance available to small business through existing state programs by calling 888.522.0103. The Michigan Small Business Development Center can also provide resources at


    Small Business Association Loans

    The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) approved the governor’s request for a statewide Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) declaration, opening the opportunity to small businesses to access low-interest loans from the SBA.

    Michigan small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, and nonprofits that have suffered substantial economic losses as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak can now apply for low-interest loans as part of $1 billion in funding. The application for disaster loan assistance is available at:


    Paycheck Protection Program

    Businesses across Michigan are now able to apply for $349 billion in Paycheck Protection Program forgivable loans through the U.S. Small Business Administration. These forgivable loans will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis with funding caps in place, so it is critical Michigan small businesses to apply early – with the application period for small businesses opening on April 3 and for independent contractors and sole proprietors on April 10. A coalition that includes the state of Michigan, SBAM and the Michigan Association of CPAs has launched  to make the process as streamlined and as simple as possible for businesses to apply.


    The PPP loans are designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses – including hospitality and food industry businesses and sole proprietorships, independent contractors and self-employed persons – to keep their workers on the payroll and may be forgiven if all employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities.


    Tax Assistance for Small Businesses

    The Michigan Treasury Department is providing small businesses that have experienced disrupted operations due to the COVID-19 additional time to make their sales, use and withholding tax monthly payment. Small businesses scheduled to make these payments on March 20 can postpone filing and payment requirements until April 20. Penalties and interest penalties will be waived for 30 days. Learn more about penalties and interest online or by calling the Treasury Business Tax Call Center at 517-636-6925.

  • NEW!  Online Voter Registration

    Just announced!  Online Voter Registration is now available.


    Go to for this new, convenient option to register or update your voter registration if you have moved.

  • 50 Ways Census Data Are Used

  • Saturday, March 7th - Accepting AV applications, ballots and voter registrations

    Saturday, March 7, 2020 from 7am-3pm


    On Saturday, March 7, 2020, the Clerk’s Dept will be open to accept AV applications, ballots and voter registrations.  Office hours will be 7am to 3pm.

Job Postings

  • Election Inspector

    Election Inspector:


    WANTED: Election Inspectors to work in precincts or absent voter counting boards! Must be a qualified and registered elector of the State of Michigan and must be certified. In addition, if you are 16 or 17 years of age, you may work as an election inspector.


    Training on the new election equipment begins February, 2018. Certification training will take place in late May and early June, 2018. Class dates and times for both certification and equipment training varies. Election inspectors are paid $150 for working a full day on Election Day and $20 per training session.


    If interested, please stop in to the Clerk’s Department, 1280 N Irish Road, Davison, MI 48423, to complete an application. Call Cindy Shields, Davison Township Clerk at 810-653-4156, for more details.

  • 2020 Census Job Opportunities

    2020 Census Job Opportunities:


    The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of people across the country

    to work on the 2020 Census.

    We invite anyone to apply, including:

    • Retirees.
    • College students.
    • People who do not have a job and are looking for temporary employment.
    • People already working who are looking for a second job.
    • People available to work flexible hours, which can include days, evenings, and/or weekends.


    These positions provide an opportunity to earn extra income while helping the community. Pay rates vary depending on the applicant’s location.



  • Township Committees and Boards

    We are currently accepting applications for members on the following Committees and Boards:


    Planning Commission Board: regulates and controls the development and use of property within their jurisdictions to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by ensuring that the uses of land are situated in appropriate locations and relationships, are not producing congestion and overcrowding and are meeting the needs of the state’s citizens for food, fiber, energy, recreation, industry, trade and places of residence.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 2nd Wednesday at 7pm.


    Zoning Board of Appeals Board: to provide reasonable restrictions on land use that conform to a comprehensive township development plan and provide for the best interests of the health, safety and general welfare of township citizens and property owners.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 2nd Tuesday at 7pm.


    Downtown Development Authority Board: to create a business district helping to stop property value deterioration and to increase property tax valuation. This board allows more funds to stay within the township.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 1st Tuesday at 9 am.


    Library Board: oversees the expenditures and any library building construction, supervision, care and maintenance.

          •   Meetings are held once every two months on the 2nd Wednesday at 4 pm.


    Senior Citizens Authority Board: oversees the expenditures and any building construction, supervision, care and maintenance of the Senior Center.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 3rd Monday at 3 pm.


    Board of Review: has the authority to change the assessed value of a parcel, the tentative taxable value, the classification, grant or deny a hardship or poverty exemption, change qualified agricultural property, grant exempt status for non-profit organizations or certain religious or charitable properties, override the decision of the assessor on a principal residence exemption and change clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact and items such as addresses, descriptions or name misspellings on an assessment roll at it July and December meetings.

          •   Meetings are held in July and December each year. Times will be announced.


    If you or someone you know are interested in serving your community please fill out an application and return it to the Supervisor at 1280 N. Irish Road, Davison, MI 48423.


    Applications can also be obtained at the Township Hall, 1280 N. Irish Road, Davison, MI 48423.



Request for Bids

  • No Solicitation for Bids at this time

    No solicitation for bids at this time

(810) 653-4156
1280 N. Irish Rd., Davison, MI 48423