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    Just announced!  Online Voter Registration is now available.


    Go to for this new, convenient option to register or update your voter registration if you have moved.

  • Notice of Public Hearing on February 10, 2020

    Davison Township Board

    Notice of Public Hearing

    Amended Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan


    Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to state Public Act 57 of 2018, the Township Board of Davison Township will hold a public hearing on February 10, 2020 at 7 p.m., at the Township Hall located at 1280 N. Irish Road, Davison, Michigan, 48423. The public hearing is intended to provide an opportunity for interested citizens and property owners within the Downtown Development (DDA) District to express their opinions regarding all aspects of an Amended Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan. The Amended Development Plan and TIF Plan reflects the recent expansion of the DDA District limits.

    The Development Plan and TIF Plan serves as a guide for all development and redevelopment related projects within the DDA District. A draft copy of the Amended Development Plan and TIF Plan is available for review at the Township Hall during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is also available for download from the Township website at For your reference, the limits of the expanded Davison Township DDA District are identified on the map below.


    Those unable to attend the pubic hearing are invited to submit written comments to the attention of the Davison Township Board at the Township Hall address cited above. All written comments must be received by no later than 4:00 p.m., on February 10, 2020..



    Amended Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan  (PDF)

  • 50 Ways Census Data Are Used

  • Saturday, March 7th - Accepting AV applications, ballots and voter registrations

    Saturday, March 7, 2020 from 7am-3pm


    On Saturday, March 7, 2020, the Clerk’s Dept will be open to accept AV applications, ballots and voter registrations.  Office hours will be 7am to 3pm.

Job Postings

  • Election Inspector

    Election Inspector:


    WANTED: Election Inspectors to work in precincts or absent voter counting boards! Must be a qualified and registered elector of the State of Michigan and must be certified. In addition, if you are 16 or 17 years of age, you may work as an election inspector.


    Training on the new election equipment begins February, 2018. Certification training will take place in late May and early June, 2018. Class dates and times for both certification and equipment training varies. Election inspectors are paid $150 for working a full day on Election Day and $20 per training session.


    If interested, please stop in to the Clerk’s Department, 1280 N Irish Road, Davison, MI 48423, to complete an application. Call Cindy Shields, Davison Township Clerk at 810-653-4156, for more details.

  • 2020 Census Job Opportunities

    2020 Census Job Opportunities:


    The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of people across the country

    to work on the 2020 Census.

    We invite anyone to apply, including:

    • Retirees.
    • College students.
    • People who do not have a job and are looking for temporary employment.
    • People already working who are looking for a second job.
    • People available to work flexible hours, which can include days, evenings, and/or weekends.


    These positions provide an opportunity to earn extra income while helping the community. Pay rates vary depending on the applicant’s location.



  • Township Committees and Boards

    We are currently accepting applications for members on the following Committees and Boards:


    Planning Commission Board: regulates and controls the development and use of property within their jurisdictions to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by ensuring that the uses of land are situated in appropriate locations and relationships, are not producing congestion and overcrowding and are meeting the needs of the state’s citizens for food, fiber, energy, recreation, industry, trade and places of residence.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 2nd Wednesday at 7pm.


    Zoning Board of Appeals Board: to provide reasonable restrictions on land use that conform to a comprehensive township development plan and provide for the best interests of the health, safety and general welfare of township citizens and property owners.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 2nd Tuesday at 7pm.


    Downtown Development Authority Board: to create a business district helping to stop property value deterioration and to increase property tax valuation. This board allows more funds to stay within the township.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 1st Tuesday at 9 am.


    Library Board: oversees the expenditures and any library building construction, supervision, care and maintenance.

          •   Meetings are held once every two months on the 2nd Wednesday at 4 pm.


    Senior Citizens Authority Board: oversees the expenditures and any building construction, supervision, care and maintenance of the Senior Center.

          •   Meetings are held once a month on the 3rd Monday at 3 pm.


    Board of Review: has the authority to change the assessed value of a parcel, the tentative taxable value, the classification, grant or deny a hardship or poverty exemption, change qualified agricultural property, grant exempt status for non-profit organizations or certain religious or charitable properties, override the decision of the assessor on a principal residence exemption and change clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact and items such as addresses, descriptions or name misspellings on an assessment roll at it July and December meetings.

          •   Meetings are held in July and December each year. Times will be announced.


    If you or someone you know are interested in serving your community please fill out an application and return it to the Supervisor at 1280 N. Irish Road, Davison, MI 48423.


    Applications can also be obtained at the Township Hall, 1280 N. Irish Road, Davison, MI 48423.



Request for Bids

  • No Solicitation for Bids at this time

    No solicitation for bids at this time

(810) 653-4156
1280 N. Irish Rd., Davison, MI 48423