Athelone Williams Memorial Airport

Though other communities also have airports, Davison’s has advantages the others do not. The improved 3500-foot asphalt landing strip at the Class “C” facility on Gale Road, near the Davison Area Dog Park and Lake Callis facilities, exceeds minimum standards and is useable 365 days a year, flying weather permitting. Other improvements at the airport include off-ramps, taxi ramps, parking lot for cars, aircraft tie-downs, and a lighting system.


Perhaps the most important asset of the Davison Airport is its elevation, being the same as Flint’s Bishop Airport. As a result, air traffic at Davison can be controlled by the tower at Bishop, meaning a plane can land on an instrument approach controlled from the larger Bishop facility. No other landing strip in the county can claim this distinction. It is rare that a pilot can have the advantage of instrument landings at a field the size of the one in Davison Township. More usually, he must have visual contact. Because of this serendipitous set of circumstances, Davison Airport is in an enviable position. Planes can land here that, under different circumstances, might not be able to. The Athelone Williams Memorial Airport became a public airport in 1987 and is safe and clean, year round.


If you would like to house your plane at the airport, please call the Davison Township Municipal Center at (810) 653-4156.


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